Sniper from Canada set a new record for the longest fatal shot

Sniper from Canada set a new record for the longest fatal shot

A soldier of an elite unit of the canadian forces killed in Iraq militants “Islamic state” (IG; organization banned in Russia) with a distance of 3540 meters, according to The Globe and Mail.

The name of the sniper, setting a new record for accuracy in combat conditions, command not disclosed for security reasons. We only know that the shot was fired from a rifle McMillan TAC-50. While the soldier took no more than 10 seconds to aim and pull the trigger.

According to The Globe and Mail, shot accuracy and distance when shooting has been tested with video cameras and other means.

For a long time the world record for a confirmed fatal shot belonged to the British sniper Craig Harris. In 2009, he struck two militants of the banned in Russia organization “the Taliban” from a distance of 2475 meters.

In 2002 during operation Anaconda in Afghanistan by canadian corporal Rob Furlong shot and killed the gunman from a distance of 2,430 metres. The week before, during the same operation, another canadian sniper arrone Perry mortally wounded the enemy from a distance of 2310 meters.

Despite the relatively small size of the armed forces compared to the US and UK, Canada is famous for its snipers among the armies of Western countries.