Rowling said that Harry Potter had two

Rowling said that Harry Potter had two

British writer J. K. Rowling said that Harry Potter was two, reports the Independent.

Still it was aware of a Harry Potter — main character of a series of books about the young wizard.

Now in his recent piece for themed website Pottermore, the writer said that there was another hero with the same name.

Harry Potter (Harry to his family) was a direct descendant of Hardin and Iolanta, served in the Wizengamot in 1913-1921, godardian Rowling

The Wizengamot is the Supreme court of magicians in the UK.

According to the writer, this character was an active defender of the Muggles (ordinary people), for which his family was expelled from the “Handbook cystography wizards.”

Harry Potter was the son of Fremont, who along with his wife Euphemia lived to see the wedding of his son James Potter and Lily Evans, but did not find the birth of his grandson-namesake. Fremont and Eufemia died of dragon pox.

About the new Harry Potter books doesn’t say, but it is not excluded that it will appear in the prequels.