Polygon “Kuchino” under the Balashikha closed

Polygon “Kuchino” under the Balashikha closed

The Minister of ecology and prirodopolzovaniya of the Moscow region Alexander Kogan said on Friday morning that the instructions of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin the solid waste landfill “Kuchino” in the Balashikha district of the Moscow region is closed.

According to him, on the ground begin events of emergency, under which it will be performed an additional examination of the landfill and the estimated damage that the landfill caused to the environment.

Landfill “Kuchino” stopped taking отходовhttps://t.co/ocCLZcJhSr pic.twitter.com/lgdSMdtpp5

— 1BIG.RU (@1bigru) 23 Jun 2017

The administration of Moscow has published the decision to close the landfill “Kuchino” https://t.co/n78lVWLy56 pic.twitter.com/qSoLJkLPh8

— RT in Russian (@RT_russian) 23 Jun 2017

Kogan said that in the near future will also be prepared reclamation project “Kuchino”, which is planned to deliver a lot of clean soil. The application for restoration, he said, has been sent to the Ministry of environment.

“The landfill will no longer work on the reception of garbage, but it will work on the pure soil. They should bring in a large amount. This is done in order to pin down the wastes that are imported, eliminate odor, prevent fire. Two days will be served the ground, you can’t leave it like this,” said Kogan.

We will remind, on a direct line with Putin residents closest to “Kuchino” houses asked the head of the state adopted measures for the elimination of landfills, which “poisons” their lives. The area of the landfill has reached 50 hectares.

On Thursday, Putin instructed in the shortest possible time to close the landfill and to prepare the documents for examination.