Opinion: one has already prevented a terrorist attack to justify the prohibition of anonymity in the Network

Opinion: one has already prevented a terrorist attack to justify the prohibition of anonymity in the Network

In the Public chamber of the Russian Federation on Thursday held a round table “Combating terrorist propaganda” with the presentation of the eponymous book by member of the Public chamber, Director of Fund of research of problems of democracy Maxim Grigoriev.

The book tells about the features of propaganda is prohibited in Russia grouping “Islamic state”, about what it is and how to get into her network.

The event was also attended by first Deputy Secretary of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation, Hero of Russia Vyacheslav Bocharov and a member of the public chamber, President of the International public organization “international Association of veterans of anti-terror unit “Alfa” Sergey Goncharov.

Newsa Bill to anonymity in the messengers: opinions of experts

Earlier, the state Duma adopted in the first reading a bill on regulating the work of the messengers. Document prohibiting anonymity in the services of instant messaging, supported by 356 deputies, two voted against and one abstained.

The document obliges the organizers of the im to ensure the transmission of messages only to those users identified in accordance with the law. To do this, the authors of the bill propose to give the subscribers ID number on the basis of contracts, which messengers will be required to enter into with operators.

In addition, the organizers of the messaging supposed to be required to provide users with the technical ability to opt out of receiving messages from other users, and provide the ability to send messages at the initiative of state bodies.

Expert in Internet communications and social networks Anna Fedorova believes that limiting the anonymity of the messenger is fully justified.

All register messagery and tie them to their phone numbers, which, in turn, purchased the passport. So I think for 95% of people the problem of anonymity — it is just not worth it. At this stage the actions of the state, in my opinion, absolutely justified. This is the price which the society proposes to pay for increased security. If so it will be prevented at least one terrorist attack, it (the ban on anonymity) already justifies itself by 100%.Anna Fedorova on radio Sputnik

According to her, in the future, the prohibition of anonymity on the Internet can help to solve many problems.

“In the Internet there are many things that are ordinary citizens problems. This and various extremist material, it is anonymous and the fraud, I think everyone is faced with a TEXT from the anonymous fraudsters, and cyber bullying. Of course, I would like to be able to deal with it and identify the people who are doing this. So the prospect of limiting the anonymity can help in many lines,” — said the expert.