Media: online selling fake LEGO figures is militants*

Media: online selling fake LEGO figures is militants*

MOSCOW, 22 Aug — RIA Novosti. In a number of Asian countries in sale of fake LEGO sets with figurines of the fighters of the “Islamic state”*, reports RT.

Sets include figures of the jihadists, as well as items such as a chainsaw, dynamite with timer and burning barrels that can launch from the catapult.

In addition, appeared in social networks advertising designer, depicts a scene of execution.

Counterfeit ISIS-themed Lego sets complete with beheading figurines are being produced in China. #9News

— Nine News Australia (@9NewsAUS) 20 Jun 2017

The spread of sets deals with some Chinese firm. The representative of the LEGO Camilla Pederson assured RT that it is a fake.

“It’s not LEGO products, like bricks in a set is not LEGO bricks. As a company that focuses on the inspiration and development of children, we would, of course, never released such a product,” she says.

According to the Australian portal 9NEWS, one such set is found in his son a resident of Malaysia. According to her, the boy bought it less than two dollars. The woman reported the find to the police and the Islamic Council.

*a terrorist group banned in Russia.