May has promised not to expel EU citizens from the UK after Brexit

May has promised not to expel EU citizens from the UK after Brexit

MOSCOW, 22 Aug — RIA Novosti. The Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may has promised European leaders that the EU citizens will be able to remain in the United Kingdom after the completion of Brexit, reports Agence France-Presse, citing a source in the British government.

According to the source, may have touched on this topic at the working lunch during the EU summit in Brussels.

“She made it clear that EU citizens lawfully in the country, will be able to stay there after the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union”, — said the source.

The spokesman added that Mei rejected the plans of Brussels, who offered to consider disputes about the rights of citizens in the EU court.

In the UK, 23 June 2016 held a referendum on the country’s withdrawal from the EU. For access voted about 52% of Britons, against 48%.

24 Jun 2016 Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron announced his resignation on the results of the referendum. The British government on 13 July 2016, headed by Theresa may.

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