Lavrov: the Syrian opposition is losing its influence


RIA Novosti

The Syrian opposition is acting on the basis of ultimatums, gradually losing its influence. This was stated by Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov at the meeting with the leader of the movement “Tomorrow Syria,” Ahmed al-Jarboe.

“We know about your efforts at all stages of the Syrian crisis was intended to promote settlement and to help to unite the opposition on Patriotic principles,” said Lavrov.

According to the head of the Russian foreign Ministry, these efforts are fully consistent with the decisions of the international community that “to decide the fate of their country should the Syrians themselves and for this they need to agree among themselves”.

“Now we’re seeing some pretty healthy processes in different groups of the Syrian opposition. These processes suggest that your efforts be crucial for many other Syrians who were concerned about the fate of their country, – the Minister continued. – The representatives of the external opposition, who are accustomed to act solely on the basis of ultimatums, prerequisites and more to advance the ideas of their foreign sponsors than the interests of the Syrian people, gradually lose their influence.”

The Russian foreign Minister noted the growing influence of those who are interested in establishing as soon as possible an inter-Syrian dialogue. “We are actively trying to help these sentiments through the activation process of “Astana” and through the support of the UN effort for the development of the Geneva rounds of talks,” he added.

“The important aspect of tying the inter-Syrian dialogue, ensuring ceasefire, the establishment of zones of de-escalation in the framework of the “Astana process”, peaceful life – all this will allow to move from a confrontation between government forces and the armed opposition of their cooperation, including in combating terrorism,” Lavrov said.