In the Turkish schools will abandon the study of the theory of evolution

In the Turkish schools will abandon the study of the theory of evolution

Moscow. June 23. INTERFAX.RU — IN the Turkish schools declined from teaching the theory of evolution, writes The Guardian.

Education officials in Turkey have decided to remove from the school course of biology Chapter introducing the theory of Darwin about evolution. According to the civil servant of the Alpaslan Durmus, the Ministerial Commission considered that this theory is too controversial and complex to comprehend by students. “We believe that the subject is beyond their comprehension,” said he.

The Ministry of education decided to remove the Chapter about the theory of evolution from textbooks ninth grade, the study of this topic was postponed until the stage of a bachelor degree.

In addition, it was decided to reduce curriculum hours allotted to the study of the heritage of secularism — the notion that the government and other sources of law exist independently of any type of religions.

According to the leaked to the Turkish media with the meetings of the school Board, also discussed the desirability of examining the reforms of Ataturk, the reduction of hours devoted to it, as well as the increase of hours dedicated to the study of religion. Durmus noted that emphasis will be placed on the contribution of Muslim and Turkish scientists, and the study of history will move away from the “Eurocentric” approach.

According to him, these changes have been widely discussed, the discussion was attended by parents, students and the public.