In the state Duma accused the poles of ingratitude and the revival of Nazism

Irina Yarovaya

The Sejm of Poland adopted a law on the demolition of monuments to the red army, commits a crime against his own country, said the Vice-speaker of the state Duma Irina Yarovaya. Her words leads RIA Novosti on Thursday, June 22.

“It is a pity that there was not a single Deputy who would stand up and read out excerpts from the verdict of the Nuremberg Tribunal, which at all times has established as a proven historical fact that Soviet soldiers liberated not only their homeland, and the whole of Europe and the whole world from fascism”, — said the MP.

The Chairman of the Committee of the lower house of Parliament on information policy, information technologies and communications Alexander Yushchenko (CPRF) also criticized amendments to the law on decommunization.

“There is a contradiction of a personal relationship of the people of Poland and the ruling elite, which today pursues a policy in favor of the West. The Polish government is moving towards a revival of Nazism,” he was quoted RT.

In solidarity with the evaluations of colleagues and Deputy speaker of the state Duma Ivan Melnikov (CPRF). According to him, which leads TASS, the document on the demolition of monuments is criminal from the standpoint of morality: “I am Ashamed of the current generation of poles, offends the memory of those who gave them a future.”

Earlier on Thursday it became known that the Polish Sejm adopted amendments to the law on prohibition of propaganda of communism, which include, in particular, the demolition of Soviet monuments throughout the country.