In the school curriculum in the next three years may be a new thing

In the school curriculum in the next three years may be a new thing

MOSCOW, June 23 — RIA Novosti. Psychology in the school curriculum can be implemented until 2020, said the General Director of the Federal medical research centre of psychiatry and addiction to them. V. P. Serbsky Ministry of health of the Russian Federation Zurab Kekelidze.

“I think (the standard is to be implemented) in two years”, — said Kekelidze at a press conference at the international multimedia press center MIA “Russia today”, dedicated to the International day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking.

He also said that the Institute. Serbian is developing a psychology textbook for students. The course can be included in the program under par. According to Kekelidze, textbooks third through eighth grades are already written.

“There are still three years that we had to write. By the end of the year we will finish,” — said the expert.

According to him, this will help prevent early consumption of drugs and alcohol, as well as cases of suicides among adolescents. Experts also are developing a psychology textbook for teachers and are planning to make a psychological Handbook for parents. According to Kekelidze, in recent years in relation to official statistics on the number of drug addicts has occurred “stabilizing the situation”.

“We are judged by the number of people who are registered. It is in the area of 640 thousand people”, — said the expert.

He noted that the actual number of drug addicts in Russia significantly exceeds statistical data. Kekelidze reminded that there are an increasing number of adolescents among drug users: according to the security Council of the Russian Federation the growth of drug use among minors over the past five years was 60%.