In Thailand exposed a gang of car thieves supercars from the UK

Thai police exposed gang of car thieves super expensive cars from the UK. About it reports The South China Morning Post.

About the attackers, the Thai police have informed the British colleagues, and they conducted a series of raids against criminals. The guards managed to detect 122 stolen from the United Kingdom car: Lamborghini, Porsche and BMW. Bought them on credit, was loaded onto ships and sent to Thailand. When they were on the way to the Kingdom, they were declared stolen and the monthly payments stopped.

In addition, it appeared that the attackers not only steal cars, but also understate the value of legally imported to avoid paying import duty rate for luxury cars is 328 percent.

I used some of the above. Some cars were imported under the guise of spare parts, expensive Lamborghini Aventador was declared as a cheaper Gallardo. The customs officers looked at these tricks through your fingers or for incompetence or for taking bribes.

Investigators Thailand promised to bring the matter to the end and return the cars to their rightful owners.