In Krasnoyarsk region because of forest fires introduced a state of emergency

In the Krasnoyarsk region, in connection with the increase in the area of forest fires and abnormally hot weather, introduced the state of emergency (PC). This was reported on the website of the regional government.

“The forecast in some areas of the region for the next few days is unfavourable, therefore, decided to introduce in the region a state of emergency, in order to maximize the use of available resources”, — said the first Deputy Minister of forestry of the region Dmitry Selin.

With the introduction of this regime in the region limited access of people and vehicles in the forest.

Currently, fires in Krasnoyare spread over an area of more than 4.9 thousand hectares. To eliminate them involved 650 lifeguards and up to 80 pieces of equipment

May 25, Minister of emergency situations Vladimir Puchkov promised that the house of the Krasnoyarsk region residents who lost their homes due to forest fires will be restored until the end of September. Until housing is built, people may be in temporary accommodation where everything is provided necessary for their accommodation, including meals four to five times a day.