Congressman: U.S. Senate drew up a bill on sanctions against Russia in violation of the procedures



New bill to toughen the regime of unilateral sanctions against Russia was prepared by the Senate of the United States Congress in violation of accepted procedures. This was confirmed Wednesday in an interview with reporters, the leader of the Republican majority in the House of representatives Kevin McCarthy (Calif.).

“The problem is that the Senate blundered,” – said the legislator, commenting on the passage of a new anti-Russian bill through Congress. McCarthy noted that to overcome this situation it is necessary either to provide the approval by the House of representatives of their own version of the bill, or the adoption by the Senate of certain adjustments to the approved document, that is actually to re-vote. However, the leader of the faction of the majority in the lower house of Congress declined to specify when it might occur, the implementation of the scenarios described them. In addition, McCarthy did not explain what exactly the provisions of the bill approved by the Senate, need to be adjusted.

The problem lies in the fact that the bills, which can lead to an increase in revenues of the state, must first be accepted by the House of representatives, not the Senate. Thus, the transition of the said bill for consideration of the upper house of Congress at the bottom was a violation of constitutional norms.

The Senate last Thursday overwhelmingly passed a bill to impose new anti-Russian sanctions and the institutionalization of some current restrictions of this kind. In addition, the senators essentially attempted to deprive the White house right unilaterally to mitigate the sanctions regime. Draft document provides that the President of the United States shall submit to Congress a clear list of persons who are supposed to derive from the application of restrictive measures. Besides, the head of the US administration want to be required to notify legislators about what changed or not Russia its policy on a number of fronts, including Syria and Ukraine.

The chairmen of the relevant committees of the house of representatives on foreign Affairs and income and expenditure – Republicans ed Royce (California) and Kevin Brady (Texas) on Wednesday essentially signaled to reporters that support the early resolution of the situation and organization of voting on the bill in the lower house. “One way or another we need to do it very quickly,” – said Royce. In turn, Brady claimed that the Republicans in this case is “the desire of urgency”.