All the students of the Moscow region will be called “Warmia”

Military-Patriotic movement “Uname” will develop in all schools of the suburbs. This was announced by the head of the main Directorate of social communication of the Moscow region Irina Plesea, reports on Friday, June 23, RIAMA.

According to Pishevoi in the ranks of the movement has listed about 11 thousand people.

“Not all schools are covered, but the development of Junior military movements is a priority of our activities. It is important that it was a live organization. Therefore every child needs to consciously join its ranks,” she explained.

Plesea also stressed that students are not forced to join in “Warmia”, everything takes place on a voluntary basis.

“Explain, demonstrate, invite, that is installed with every person partnerships”, she noted.

All-Russian military-Patriotic movement “Uname” was created in 2016 at the initiative of the Ministry of defense of Russia and has offices in all 85 regions of the country. The movement is organizing a youth military-sports games, competitions for applied sports, delivery of norms of GTO memory watches and trips to places of military glory. To date, the number of “Unirii” is more than 117 thousands of children. The main declared goal of the movement: to generate interest among the younger generation to geography, history of Russia and its people, the heroes, outstanding scientists and military leaders.