Trump has promised to fight “the tyranny of communism”

Trump has promised to fight “the tyranny of communism”

WASHINGTON, 22 Jun — RIA Novosti, Dmitry Zlatarev. The US President Donald trump on Wednesday pledged to fight the “tyranny of communism.”

“America will fight against the tyranny of communism,” he said, speaking to supporters in Iowa.

Trump mentioned it in connection with Cuba. The rate of the warming of relations between Washington and Havana, taken by the previous US administration of Barack Obama, he called a “completely one-sided” transaction.

According to him, “the fact is that the deal with Cuba is bad”. He promised to achieve “a much better agreement.”

Trump, whose performance was broadcast by CNN, once again criticized his predecessor. “This is great: Obama made a deal with Cuba, where prisons are sitting thousands of people made a deal with Iran. And then they say that trump is a horrible person. It’s incredible,” he said.

The President’s speech lasted more than an hour. He spoke about the achievements of his administration and plans, and also criticized Obama and his supporters from the Democratic party. In particular, trump criticized the Paris agreement on climate change, calling it a disaster. According to the President, its implementation “would cost US millions of jobs and billions of dollars, while China wouldn’t do anything”.

Along with this, trump has hit the media, producing, in his opinion, “fake news”. “We never intimidate the dishonest Corporation who are doing everything to attract people to their suffering fail screens or force them to buy weak the Newspapers,” he said.

Returning to the topic later, the President acknowledged that the media have “many wonderful people”. “But there are really “fake” (journalists). They say that trump is not doing anything in terms of legislative initiatives. But we have implemented 38 such measures, some of them very important,” he said. The White house stressed that “the largest bills on the approach”. Among them he, in particular, highlighted the plans for tax cuts and health care reform.