The Indian Prime Minister spoke about the role of yoga in the world the unity

Narendra Modi

Indian Prime Minister Narendra modi said that yoga plays an important role in world unity. About it writes on Wednesday, June 21, the South China Morning Post.

“Many countries don’t know our language, traditions and culture, but they are connected with India with the help of yoga,” — said the head of the Indian government at a ceremony marking the International day of yoga. Modi said “it connects the body, mind and soul” and “plays a big role in bringing peace.”

In 2017 in the framework of the Day of yoga in India is planned to set a world record in Ahmedabad asanas will make 125 thousand people at a time. The leader of ceremony will be the famous yogi and businessman Swami Ramdev.

International yoga day is celebrated on June 21. The date was established by a unanimous decision of the UN General Assembly in 2014 at the suggestion of modi. New Delhi is considering a Day of yoga as an important tool of soft power, strengthening positions of India in the world.