The doctors spoke about the rehabilitation of Governor Tuleyev

Aman Tuleyev

The Governor of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev will continue his rehabilitation at the hospital of the regional center conducted after spinal surgery in a German clinic. It on a press-conferences on Thursday, June 22, representatives of regional administration, reports TASS.

According to doctors, who were also present at the press conference, complications resulting from surgical intervention, it will not prevent the head of the Kuzbass to perform the duties. At the same time Tuleyev stay in hospital, not specified.

Deputy Governor on health care Valery Tsoy noted that Tuleyev had a serious operation, but now he feels well. “Today his health is normal, the condition is absolutely stable. On the part of all organs and systems there is no violation of any of the vital functions”, — he stressed.

“Of course we (the medical community) are forced for rehabilitation to limit Aman Tuleyev in physical activity. We told him clearly prohibit, for example, to play football. But this, I think, in any way with the functions of the Governor is not connected,” noted Choi, quoted

Earlier Thursday it was reported that the pneumonia which came from the Governor after the surgery, today is cured. Operative intervention with the use of metal structures was conducted in German and lasted for about nine hours.

On 20 June the newspaper “Kommersant” with reference to sources wrote that the money was the second time in a month extended leave of absence due to illness. Thus, according to the newspaper, he wants to stay on a post of the Governor 20 years — until July 1 of this year. The next day in the regional administration said that the 73-year-old Aman Tuleyev has no plans to ask the President about early retirement, and intends to perform his duties until the end of the gubernatorial term.