Silver asked the audience of the theatre on assistance in the “Seventh Studio”

Silver asked the audience of the theatre on assistance in the “Seventh Studio”

Theatre Director, artistic Director of the theater “Gogol-center” Kirill Serebrennikov turned to his Facebook to the visitors of the theatre to help in the “Seventh Studio”.

He explained that the theatre “must prove that the project “Platform” really was”. According to the Director, posters of events held by the theatre, “may not persuade those whom we need to convince.” Scans billboards Serebrennikov also posted in social networks.

“Maybe your testimonies, memories and impressions of viewers of the “Platform” will become evidence of what I and our entire team, “the Seventh Studio” devoted three years of his life,” wrote the Director. He noted that “it is very important to remember” the play “a Midsummer night’s Dream”, which, according to him, played on the project “Platform” in the “Gogol-center” “over 15 times”. “And now we have insurance investigators say that it is not and never was!” — wrote pieces of silver.

On the eve, April 21, Presnensky court of Moscow arrested for a month the former Director of the “Gogol-center” Alexei Malopolska. He is accused of involvement in the fraud with a state subsidy of 200 million rubles, which the state has allocated, “the Seventh Studio”. The damage from the fraud that is imputed to the Malopolski is 2.3 million rubles, said in court.

The subsidies were supposed to go to a production of “a Midsummer night’s Dream”. Malopolski was brought to court as a defendant (he was originally detained as a witness), as a consequence agreed that the performance was not rendered and the money went to him.

The lawyer of former Director Julia Lakhova said that “the existence of such a performance — a well-known fact”, which “needs no proof”. In particular, it asked the court to attach to materials of business of the publication of the play in the press for 2012-2013. The Prosecutor in turn stated that “by itself, a newspaper article does not confirm that the event was held”. In court there is testimony of a contractor who says that the play was not intended, the Prosecutor said in court.

The next performance of “a Midsummer night’s Dream” will take place in “Gogol-center” on July 3. According to Serebrennikov, the performance will begin with the “statements on the innocence of our comrades, when in trouble”.

Investigator Igor Fedutinov the court declared that the guilt of the Malopolska confirmed “the testimony of the accused, suspects and several witnesses.” Guide of Studio seven, according to the investigation, brought part of the money through business Basil Sinelnikov. It is known that he “Gogol-center” bought decorations in the amount of 2.7 million rubles.

On may 23, the employees of the RCDS came with a search warrant in “Gogol-center” and home to Serebrennikov and at more than ten locations. The Director passes the witness. In addition to Malopolska in the case there are two defendants: former CEO of “the Seventh Studio” Yuri Itin and accountant Nina Maslyaeva.

After the arrest Maslyaeva in indications reported that only in 2014 from the account of the “Seventh Studio” was derived not less than 100 million rubles in favor of one-day firms.