Shoigu: Russia reinforces troops in the West due to NATO action


© RIA Novosti / Kirill Kallinikov

Russian Ministry of defense improves the combat strength of the troops in the Western strategic direction and system of their home because of the aggressive actions of NATO countries, which lead to the breach of security in the world.

This was stated on Wednesday the Minister of defence of the Russian Federation General of the army Sergei Shoigu at the Board meeting of the military establishment in Kaliningrad. On the way to Kaliningrad over the neutral waters of the Baltic sea, as reported, NATO F-16 tried to approach the plane Shoigu, but it “drove” the Russian su-27.

According to Shoigu, “in addition to the political, informational and economic pressure, some countries are seeking to use military force as a tool to achieve geopolitical goals.”

“These actions by our Western colleagues, lead to the destruction of the security system in the world, enhance mutual distrust and force us to use responses, primarily in the Western strategic direction. We are improving combat strength of the troops and their bases,” — stated the head of the defense Ministry.