Putin: the public Board was held


RIA Novosti

The civic chamber of the Russian Federation was held as an important institution, engaged in the business – public control and interaction with the citizens, said President Vladimir Putin.

“We know how is the work of the Public chamber. But I am deeply convinced that for all the critical comments – they’re too well known, the Public chamber was held, and it is engaged in the business”, – said Putin at a meeting with members of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation of new convocation on Tuesday.

The head of state congratulated the audience with the formation of the new composition of the Public chamber and wished success in work.

“What’s it your business? It should not replace neither the government nor Parliament, it should have its own niche. And the niche it occupies,” he said, noting that the main functions of the Public chamber refers to public control and interaction with people.

Earlier it was reported that on 19 June was held the first plenary session of the Chamber of the new convocation, which was elected Secretary journalist Valery Fadeev. The Public chamber also approved the 19 committees that will work in its composition, and two megamission group.

The public chamber operates in Russia since 2005. It is elected every three years, its purpose is to help the interaction of citizens and public associations with bodies of state power and local self-government to defend the interests of citizens, protect their rights and freedoms in the formation and implementation of state policy, and to ensure public control over activity of authorities.