In Poland adopted the law on the demolition of Communist monuments

In Poland adopted the law on the demolition of Communist monuments

The Polish Sejm adopted amendments to the law on prohibition of propaganda of communism, which include, in particular, the demolition of Soviet monuments throughout the country. On Thursday, June 22, according to local newspaper wPolityce.

They will come into force after three months from the date of publication.

Changes in the law require the dismantling not only of “glorifying the totalitarian system” of monuments and plaques, statues and busts. In addition, it stipulates the removal of Communist elements from the names of schools and other social institutions, buildings, structures and objects of public domain, streets, bridges and squares.

The amendments do not affect only the objects not on display, and those that are located in cemeteries. Preserved monuments necessary for scientific, educational or artistic purposes. Each monument or name will take, in consultation with experts-historians and culturologists.

The bill banning the promotion of communism has prepared the senators from the ruling party “law and justice” in 2016. In March of that year, Polish authorities have announced their intention to demolish about 500 Soviet monuments. Later in may, the President of Poland Andrzej Duda signed by the Seimas anti-Communist law. In the explanatory Memorandum it was noted that the names of public objects “can’t immortalize people, organizations, events, and dates symbolizing communism or other totalitarian regime or to promote such a regime any other way.”

During the last years in Poland desecrated the number of Soviet memorials, including those, where are buried the soldiers of the red Army. In November 2015, the defense Ministry said that the Polish government is leading in Europe in the number of cases of vandalism against Soviet and Russian graves. The foreign Ministry, in turn, called on Warsaw to take measures for the proper protection of monuments.