“I do not trust the government. I have been lied to”

“I do not trust the government. I have been lied to”

The history of the Muscovites, wishing and not wishing to get into a program of renovation. Issue No. 3.

The project of the Moscow authorities for the resettlement of the old housing stock has caused controversial reaction of the townspeople. Some wonder why the old, in their opinion, housing is not included in the program. Others are outraged that their good house in a comfortable area will be demolished. “B” continues a series of publications, each issue of which will be two different stories.

“Live and suffer”

The first two floors house built in 1940. Ceiling made of wood. After add two more floors in the ‘ 60s, the house began to sink, the walls have gone, — says the Chairman of the Board Valentina ilina.

We stand in the hallway, directly overhead hangs an old, dusty wiring. In the hands of Valentina thick folder with documents and photos. Distracted, she calls from residents who wanted to show their apartments and tell them about the problem.

Before this building was a hostel type communal and belonged to the textile factory, situated in the Preobrazhensky district. Workers received here of the room and waited for the improvement of living conditions. The company went bankrupt in 2004, and residents insisted the building was transferred to the city. However, the contracts sotsnayma they received in 2012.

— Even the factory did not, and we’re still here — sigh Ilyin.

In the house of 36 apartments, each one with three or four families. Just Suvorovskaya, 6 live 203 people, and only seven of them living space in the property. On the question of why not all decide to privatization, explained: “we Hoped the state”.

In 2011, the Prefecture of the Eastern administrative district recognized the house alarm. In 2013, the state unitary enterprise “Moszhilniiproekt” confirmed that the wear of the wooden floors in the house is 70%. But on the demolition and resettlement was not forthcoming: on the contrary, the house was excluded from the list of alarms. According to documents, only three private rooms have retained this status, and now there’s nobody here.

According to the plan of the regional program overhaul, the last two years here needs refurbishment, including the restoration of the façade and roof. But they were not carried out. Tenants of apartment № 11 on the last floor for more than ten years putting up with the hole in the ceiling.

— Rotten beam collapsed. In acts unsubscribed that “conservation measures taken”. You can live, — says the resident of apartment No. 11 Olga. A piece the size of two by two meters, fell on the kitchen table when her friend by happy coincidence, came out to smoke. Now the hole is sealed with a plate of hardboard.

The house is literally bursting at the seams. About collapses, falling bricks and cracks in the walls, residents say excitedly.

— From the apartment she went, and fell on her plaster. And service said, “Well, I think, the plaster has fallen off,” recalls one of the neighbors and shows the wooden supports, workers which have strengthened the stairwell.

Once we got in the night hit the facade! Was such a racket. Well, I came in the morning, removed the bricks, the ribbon hung. That’s all, — interrupts her with another woman.

— And here, look, the wall is bulging! Now for the basement show — catching up with our girl in the green jacket. She lives in the second entrance and wants to show my apartment.

— That would settle in these apartments higher authority. How long would they survive? We live and suffer! exclaims the woman in the pink coat. She lives in apartment number 4 and insistently asked to remove her 12-foot room, which huddled with her husband and daughter-a schoolgirl.

In Prefecture VAO of problems at Suvorovskaya, 6 well informed. Residents of the house are in correspondence with the officials since 2011. In the official answers repeatedly reported that the question of the condition of the building will be considered at the next meeting of the Commission or transmitted to the appropriate authority at city hall.

— Throughout this time were held only supporting the event, no global capital works was not, — says the head of the Council of the house of Valentine. According to her, the staff of the prefect, nor the Department of state property she can not explain what documents must be submitted to the building included in the renovation programme. A meeting of residents it has conducted and signed the consent for the demolition of the house collected.

However, even after the amendments to the bill on the renovation programme, residents of Suvorov, 6 risk not to get into it. The document regulated the demolition of houses of the period “of the first industrial housing construction” (1957-1968.), and this built before.


To apartment houses of the first period of industrial housing are apartment houses with quantity of floors no more than nine, built on standard projects developed in the period from 1957 to 1968, using typical products of the walls and (or) overlapping.Anton Babelcompany Director of legal Bureau “Padva and Epstein”

“I said that it has invested in the renovation of the apartment”

The yard in Tolbukhin, 11 completely dug up and fenced for construction fences. To the door semi-circular long houses are wooden walkways. The first — a middle-aged woman trying to regain the luxury of the former in this place of the palisade, holding her seedlings rose:

— Tore up my garden! But I’ll go to jail, and again the beauty of the bloom, — thinks Tamara Balakhnin.— In any case, to leave I’m not going. I in the early 2000’s here have given the apartment, and then I had to pay more to privatize. I then state do not believe.

At the third entrance we were met by Victoria D. Ostransky is an intelligent woman, in a suit and ankle boots on a low heel. In this house she lives since 2001. Victoria Ostransky oldest person in the house and collects the ballots on the renovation programme.

— In March, began to repair the pipes of a heat supply, just finished — says the woman. The earlier apartments on the ground floor was flooded constantly. Before the renovation the tenants, of course, really wanted to move. And now completely eliminated the fact that we spoiled a life. Maybe the neighbors will change the decision.

Victoria D. leads us into my apartment. This one-bedroom apartment renovated, spacious corridor, even the workplace: computer Desk, shelves with papers.

We even did not think to think that we will “renovate”, — the woman tells.— Most of the neighbors, moved in 2001-2002. I only in the last five years put expensive furniture made of good material, ordered a hot tub!

On the portal gorod.mos.ru date of construction — 1932. It for their employees built all-Russia Institute of light alloys (VILS), which is literally a five minute walk away on the other side of the railway, the station Setun’. But in the late 1990s, when the wheels could no longer maintain the building, it was transferred to the city. In the house was replaced floors and communication, built on three floors — has retained only the layout, says Victoria Dmitrievna.

Her words are confirmed by contracts of social hiring (95-apartment house tenants of all four apartments have such documents). In the column “Base rights” is the act of the state Commission that accepted the building in 2000, and the order of the Deputy prefect of the Western administrative district of Moscow from 29.09.2000 No. 1752.2-WHR, which approved the commissioning of a new home.

— But now I can’t find this information that the house is quite new, — complains Mrs. Ostransky.— She seems to have disappeared! In the Prefecture requested in GU is, but there are silent.

The woman’s story is interrupted by a call to a door — neighbors brought completed forms for voting. “There are passport data, your signature is. And you wholly possessive? Well. Thanks, will report on the results”, is heard from the corridor.

Victoria Dmitrievna offers to get acquainted with his neighbor, Oleg, who asked not to be name. The man single-handedly raising a son. The apartment he had arranged for the baby: all furniture is made on individual projects. Partly it was necessity — Oleg apartment is located on a bend of the house, angles it is almost there.

— I won’t even be able to take her with him, nervously and even with the call said the man. I understand the economic sense: to sell the land under the house, slapped up pyatnadtsatietazhny and to fill their pockets. But I breast-‘ll stand for your home!

— Our situation is complicated by the fact that the 20 apartments in the past the entrance are owned by one legal entity — continues to Victoria Ostransky.— They rent apartments, commercial activity engaged in. Now we have about 30 votes, and if so they will vote against the demolition, we just win.

Victoria and Ostransky we say goodbye at the corner of the house. Her roommate Tamara Balakhnin still planting roses.

— Oh, Victoria Dmitrievna, see what against you notes to write, — she points at the door. On the Bulletin Board white appeal to tenants. Briefly it boils down to is that “those who do not want the house demolished, only think about yourself”.

Is just one of the apartments at Sinaia write — calmly explains to Victoria Dmitrievna.— They hope I will get good housing.

— I do not trust the government. I have been deceived, says goodbye to Tamara Balakhnin from palisade.

A few days after our meeting, Mrs. Ostransky announced the voting results of the meeting of owners. According to her, the turnout reached almost 70%. Against demolition in favor of 68.6% of the residents, for only 8.4%. To verify the results have arrived employees of the state inspection office for housing. Parallel voting on the official portal of the mayor of Moscow also went in favor of the opponents of the renovation. Now the tenants expect when will be ready the final result, but in their victory they believe.