As celebrated graduation by different generations of Russians

As celebrated graduation by different generations of Russians

“News” in the framework of the project “My senior” he remembered, as pointed out by the end of school by different generations of Russians. In anticipation of the final evening we gathered in one video the tradition of celebrating five generations of seniors.

Alumni of the 1970s will remember what you wore to prom flared trousers and dresses made of crimplene, as the boys wore long hair and girls were doing hair. In the 1980s, the fashion was the blazers with padded shoulders, skinny ties, and the girls — pumps and high-water-head haircuts.

In the 1990s, all high school students wanted to wear to prom suits and dresses from popular fashion magazines, bought pieces of fabric and tried to copy these looks at home behind a sewing machine.

In the 2000s, in Vogue dresses open, sometimes covered, and sometimes very lush, hairstyles with the effect of wet curls that adorned tiaras, but the young men remained consistently true to the costumes, but diluted the strict image of bright shirts and ties.

Modern girls, leave school, more often wear monochromatic prom evening dresses with warm colors, make great hair, the boys stay true to the costumes, which are diverse in cut and colors.

A generation of graduates-2017 — special. The special project “News” “Generation Z” students themselves, experts and the heads of the universities tell you how today’s high school students see the world, the dream to aspire to, and what path choose.

For those who want to remember the celebration of graduation, “proceedings” offer to take part in the flashmob “My graduation” by uploading a photo from the prom to the album in the official group IZ.RU in a social network “Schoolmates”. The results will be declared the most active generation of students. Read more about the rules of participation can be read here.