After the direct line with Putin in the city of Nakhodka found ways to freshen the air

In Discovery soon will arrive the container with a special reagent for irrigation of coal loading and unloading at the port, said on Thursday, June 22, RIA Novosti. The air pollution associated with coal in the city of Porto, in the direct line with President Vladimir Putin complained to a local student Andrew.

On the streets of the city will also begin to work industrial vacuum cleaner. She purchased one of the companies engaged in the unloading of ships.

As marks the Internet-the edition “news of Vladivostok”, the fight against coal in the Discovery are more than five years after the Astafiev Cape in the city for unloading of anthracite adapted zhestyanobanochnaya the territory of the former factory.

June 15, during the direct line with Vladimir Putin, the boy who introduced himself as Andrew, the President complained of a problem with coal dust. In response, the head of state promised to look into the situation. “Andrew, we watch with you, then another will call. Leave your details, then tell me what measures have been taken and noticeable for those living nearby,” — said Putin.

A few hours after airtime, the Prosecutor General instructed the far Eastern transport Prosecutor’s office to check the handling of coal at the port of Nakhodka.

The city has now installed a sensor of air pollution. His testimony can be viewed on the official administration website.