“Yabloko” nominated Roizman as a candidate for Governor of Sverdlovsk region

“Yabloko” nominated Roizman as a candidate for Governor of Sverdlovsk region

Mayor of Yekaterinburg put forward to the Federal Bureau of Yabloko after the collapse of the regional conference.

The Federal Bureau of the “Yabloko” today has nominated the mayor of Yekaterinburg Yevgeny Roizman as a candidate for Governor of the Sverdlovsk region.

The nomination Roizman was supposed to be held last Saturday at the regional conference of the party, but the head of the Department Yury Pereverzev has declared that resigns and leaves the party because Roizman has not established cooperation with the office. “Apple” has left nine delegates, so gather a quorum failed.

The conference was deliberately disrupted, said founder of the Yabloko Grigory Yavlinsky at a meeting of the party Bureau.

He said that Pereverzeva called the leadership of the party, saying that “the decision to support Yevgeny Roizman on elections of the Governor”. Asked him to expedite the holding of the conference, because it is necessary to collect signatures of municipal deputies, said Yavlinsky, adding that apparently Pereverzev was pressured.

In addition to Roizman in the election of the Governor of Sverdlovsk region are going to participate the acting Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev, Igor Toroshin (liberal democratic party), Alexey Parfenov (CPRF), Dmitry Ionin (“Fair Russia”), Dmitry Sergin (Russian party of pensioners for justice), Konstantin Kiselev (“Green”). To register you need to collect 126 signatures of municipal deputies, covering 71 of the 94 municipalities. He Roizman told “Vedomosti” that he was ready to put about 90 signatures of municipal deputies, but now there is no required number of available signatures. Roizman at the meeting said that “may be at least able to draw attention to the issue of the municipal filter and to seek its abolition through the courts”.

Another candidate who wanted to go from party on elections of the Governor Sergey Turikov. However, Yavlinsky said that he has no political experience and he was not able to resolve the conflict, which was in the Sverdlovsk office. In the end, Yavlinsky was supported by Roizman. He stated that Roizman simultaneously fought “with the authorities and with the mafia”:

This means that the person has the experience, willingness, ability, inclination to fight the mob — and it hardly probable not the main thing in work on a post of the Governor. Mafia — the main feature of regional life.Grigory Yavlinsky

Yavlinsky believes that the problems with the municipal filter will be, but “Roizman popular enough that he was able to gather enough votes”.