When killed at the station in Brussels found a powerful bomb

When killed at the station in Brussels found a powerful bomb

The man who tried to arrange an explosion at the Central station in Brussels. according to Le Soir, it is on Bel RTL] the Minister of internal Affairs of Belgium Jean Jambon. To name the suspect, he refused, saying that it was too early. The Minister added that the bomb he found on a dead terrorist, “was not small makeshift explosive device”, thankfully it did not explode. This is according to RTBF.

According to VTM, the attempted terrorist attack made the 37-year-old resident of the commune of Brussels, Molenbeek, where they lived, in particular, the perpetrators of the attacks in Paris in November 2015.

According to De Standaard, the suspect was known to police, but not in connection with terrorist activities.

This morning in Brussels, will be convened by the security Council. The participants will hear reports of emergency services will determine what action needs to be taken.

The man gave a small explosion around 20.30 on Tuesday in the underground premises of the Central station between the concourse and platforms. It was defused on the spot by the military. He died. After the explosion at the station began to panic. There was a complete evacuation.

Work station resumed Wednesday morning.