The Saudi king was replaced by crown Prince

The Saudi king was replaced by crown Prince

MOSCOW, 21 Feb — RIA Novosti. Saudi king Salman replaced the crown Prince is Mohammed bin Nayef, they will be 31-year-old son of king Mohammed bin Salman, said Wednesday morning the TV channel “al Arabiya”.

As the channel with reference to the Saudi news Agency SPA, to approve a new crown Prince, the authorities held a separate vote. For the candidature of Mohammed bin Salman voted 31 members of the Council oath, which includes 43 persons.

In addition, Mohammed bin Nayef has lost the post of interior Minister.

On this post the king appointed Prince Abdulaziz bin Saud bin Naif.

Mohammed bin Nayef became crown Prince in the spring of 2015, when Salman has taken the Saudi throne. Then another king’s son, defence Minister Mohammad bin Salman received the title of Deputy crown Prince.