The festival of dog meat has opened in China despite the protests of human rights defenders

In the Chinese city of Yulin in Guangxi province began the annual festival of dog meat. About it reports The South China Morning Post.

Earlier it was reported that in Uline at holiday time forbidden to sell the meat of dogs, but this information was false. Local authorities after the mass protests of defenders of animals have tried to ban the trade of dogs, but ran into resistance from sellers.

Eventually after long negotiations the parties came to an agreement: vendors will be allowed to put on the shelves no more than two carcasses at the same time. However, according to the publication, many sellers have ignored this agreement.

The festival is held in Uline since 2009. During his kill from 10 to 15 thousand animals, many of which are stolen from legitimate owners.

According to estimates by animal rights activists, every year in China eat 10 to 20 million dogs. Activists demand urgent adoption of the law on the protection of animals.