Macron has admitted respect for Putin

Emmanuel Macron

The President of France Emmanuel macron said that he respects Russian President Vladimir Putin. A fragment of an interview with a Macron on Wednesday, June 21, publishes El País.

“I respect Vladimir Putin. We have held a constructive exchange of views,” — said the French President.

He added that he has differences with Putin on the situation in Ukraine. The President of Russia got acquainted with the position of the Macron on this issue.

The French President pointed out that the international community needs Russia’s help in the fight against terrorism.

“We need the cooperation of all in order to destroy the terrorists, especially Russia,” — said the French leader.

29 may Vladimir Putin visited France and held talks with the Macron. The Russian leader attended the opening of the exhibition at Versailles devoted to the 300th anniversary of the visit of the Russian Emperor Peter I in France, which marked the beginning of diplomatic relations between the countries.

Macron called the talks with the Russian leader very Frank and direct. Putin invited his French colleague to visit Moscow with a long visit.