Hopeless season. As erratic weather affects people and businesses

Hopeless season. As erratic weather affects people and businesses

The Russians predicted a cold summer for the next ten years. Meteorologists believe that in the country as a result of global warming the climate is changing. To such conclusion came in the weather center.

Because of these processes Russians expect a strong temperature extremes: hot days will be replaced by very cold, explained in an interview with “Kommersant FM” the Director of hydrometeorological centre Roman Vilfand.

“Very cold periods are replaced by hot. Recall, for example, on may 1 this year, when the temperature reached unprecedented 25 degrees — these figures are typical for the end of July. Then came the cold snap. Variability, variability, increase in amplitude contrast, such phenomena are characteristic of the weather. Normal climate values will occur less often. The climate is changeable, — the expert said.

— This is due to the fact that are warming, polar regions, high latitude, and, therefore, decrease the difference between the temperature at the equator and at the pole. Global warming in the temperate latitudes would happen, but it is a slow and long process. Average values in General will show a trend of increasing temperature. But its average value will be the characteristics of such extreme values. Increases the frequency of occurrence of dry and rainy, very hot and very cold periods.”

As climate change and variable weather will affect Russian business?

Some entrepreneurs already this year, faced problems because of the cold may and June. Thus, representatives of the food industry complain about the empty porch, and low demand for the dishes from the summer menu. And clothing stores are unable to sell your spring collection. Weak demand for seasonal goods will make retailers more likely to arrange the sale, said the General Director it is information-analytical Agency InfoLine Ivan Fedyakov.

“The most sensitive to severe weather changes, the food markets and construction materials. Suffering and clothing retail. Due to the protracted spring or, on the contrary, early summer people do not have time to update your wardrobe, and it generally affects sales volumes. Hope for pent-up demand to feed is not necessary — if the season is ruined, the only question is how much. Retailers are flexible enough policy that they are interested in that stocks are not accumulated, so they will adjust to the new conditions. Follow discounts, promotions, special offers depending on the dynamics of sales, which is observed in a particular season,” he said.

Furthermore, frequent and sudden temperature changes adversely affects the health of the residents of the metropolis and reduces their efficiency, said the Director of “the Medical center in Maryino,” Alexander Terentyev.

“No wonder they say that changeable weather, increasing number of depression, exacerbated chronic diseases. When the temperature falls, there is an increased risk of catching cold, there is activation of viral, bacterial processes. Good warm stable weather stimulates the immune system. In the summer you still want sunshine, vitamin D, positive mood. If to speak about Moscow, about a huge metropolis with an insane rhythm and the amount of stress, when the weather adds a spoonful of tar, then of course it affects the mood of its inhabitants”, — he explained.

According to meteorologist, Monday, June 19, in the capital again will be raining, sometimes they will be accompanied by thunderstorms. This weather will continue throughout next week. The thermometer on Monday and Tuesday will rise to 22-24 degrees.

Elena Ivanova