The US administration reacted to the death released from the Korea student

In the US administration put on Pyongyang the responsibility for the death of an American student of Otto Wambier, which occurred a few days after his release from a North Korean prison.

President Donald trump with his wife Melania expressed family Bombieri deepest condolences. “For parents there is nothing more tragic than to lose a child in the Prime of life”, — said the head of the White house.

According to him, the fate of Bombieri will strengthen the resolve of the administration to prevent such tragedies. In his words, “innocent people” are victims of regimes that “do not respect the rule of law and basic human decency.” “The United States reiterates its condemnation of the brutality of the North Korean regime,” — said trump.

In turn, Secretary Rex Tillerson, expressing his condolences, stated that “North Korea is responsible for the unjust imprisonment of Otto Wambier”. He demanded the release of three other Americans who were “illegally detained”.

Wambier, sentenced in the DPRK to 15 years in prison for attempting to steal a propaganda poster and was allowed to go home in June 2017, died in hospital of Cincinnati.

Relatives claim that Wambier was subjected to physical abuse by his jailers. The doctors found that the brain of the student is severely damaged. 22-year-old young man was more than a year in a coma. Pyongyang said that the condition of the convict worsened after he took a sleeping pill on the background of the discovery he had signs of botulism. The family refuses to believe.

Wambier arrived in North Korea on 25 December 2015 from Beijing as part of a tour group. As it was established, January 1 night, he snuck into the office of the Pyongyang hotel “Engacho” intended for foreign tourists, and tore from the wall posted there is the political poster. The American admitted his guilt and stated that he became “a victim of the hostile policy of the U.S. administration towards the DPRK”.

Currently in custody in the DPRK there are three US citizens. On 6 may, the Korean-American, Kim HAK-Dream, who worked at the Pyongyang University of science and technology, was arrested on suspicion of involvement in “hostile acts” against the state. In late April, was detained a citizen of the United States, Kim sang Dok, which were related to the same school.

In April last year the North Korean court was convicted of Subversion 62-year-old missionary Kim Dong-Chul. He was sentenced to 10 years hard labor.