The Ministry of health spoke about the contribution of medicine to improvements in Russia’s demographics

The Ministry of health spoke about the contribution of medicine to improvements in Russia’s demographics

MOSCOW, 20 Jun — RIA Novosti. The healthcare system in Russia contributes to the improvement of the demographic situation in the country, including by reducing mortality, prevention of abortion and increased availability of ECO, told RIA Novosti in the press service of the Ministry of health.

Vladimir Putin on Monday held a meeting on demographic policy. According to the President of the Russian Federation policy in the field of demography needs to be active, which is necessary to provide the necessary resources. Putin also proposed to solve the problem with shortage of places in nurseries similarly implemented the program of construction of kindergartens and instructed the government to propose further measures to provide housing for families with children.

“Health care contributes to the the demographics not only by reducing mortality but also due to the increase in fertility through the prevention of abortion and the increased availability of in vitro fertilization,” the statement reads.

As noted in the Ministry, over the last five years has halved in the country, maternal mortality, more than 40% of infant mortality. For the first four months of this year, it dropped to 5.2 per thousand live births.

Thanks to the development in antenatal clinics and maternities 1.5 thousand centres medico-social and psychological assistance to pregnant women in difficult life situation, only for the year 2016 the number of abortions declined by 8% (or 58 thousand cases), and over 5 years — 25%, i.e. 250 thousand cases.

In 2016, was held 47,5 thousand free for the population cycles of IVF, its efficiency exceeded 31% of the national average, and in the best clinics more than 40%. For the current year is planned to increase in EKO to 62 thousand free operations.

A considerable contribution to the reduction of mortality is also significantly reduced thanks to prudent public policy the consumption of alcohol and tobacco, also said the health Ministry.