The head of the Duma Committee proposed to create in Russia alimony Fund

The head of the Duma Committee proposed to create in Russia alimony Fund

Moscow. June 20. INTERFAX.RU the Head of the Duma Committee on family, women and children Tamara Pletnev said about the need to create a state alimony Fund, so that children in single-parent families are not left without financial support.

“We would like to create a state alimony Fund. If he were created, then it would be, perhaps, the government quickly tracked down alimony” — said Pletnev on Tuesday at a roundtable to discuss issues of improving the legislation on alimony.

She reported that the Committee has already prepared a proposal for the formation of such a Fund and sent them to the Duma Committee for labor and social Affairs.

The head of the Committee criticized the initiative on restriction of the time search evading from payment of the alimony on minor children. Pletnev called this idea “nonsense”.

According to handed out at the “round table” materials, in 2016, on the performance there was 1 million 608 thousand writs about collecting of the alimony. These data are presented with reference to the Federal service of bailiffs.

“Given the efficiency of relevant structures abroad, should consider the establishment of the state alimony Fund, which would have been payable funds to children whose parents evade paying alimony, for the period of investigation of the maintenance payer”, — stated in the document prepared for the discussions.