Syria accused the coalition for the deaths of 12 civilians in airstrike

The aircraft of the international coalition headed by the USA attacked a settlement near the Syrian-Iraqi border in the Southeast province of al-Hasaka in Syria, killing civilians. It is reported by the Syrian news Agency SANA.

According to sources, the victims of the night RAID were 12 people from one family who lived in this village.

Sunday, June 18, Syria’s defense Ministry reported that the coalition aircraft have destroyed their su-22. The coalition confirmed the information, saying that protected their partners. Military aircraft allegedly dropped bombs near soldiers of the “forces of the democratic Syria.”

The Russian foreign Ministry condemned the actions of the American command. The defense Ministry has terminated the cooperation with the USA in the framework of the Memorandum on the prevention of incidents in the skies over Syria. The military named actions of Americans “cynical violation of Syrian sovereignty” and “in fact, military aggression”.