Saudi Arabia captured three fighters of the revolutionary guards of Iran

Saudi Maritime border guard detained three soldiers of the Iranian Islamic revolutionary guard Corps. About it reports Reuters.

As stated in the official statement of the Ministry of information of the Kingdom, now the Iranians questioned by investigators. All detainees were on the boat with weapons, intercepted the patrol vehicle at border marine oil deposits Marjan.

Two other boats also allegedly carrying weapons, managed to escape: they are immediately unfolded after the firing of warning shots Saudi patrol ship. Confiscated in the occupied craft a weapon, according to the authorities of the Kingdom, was intended for subversive purposes.

On Saturday, June 17, the media of the Islamic Republic said that the ship of the border of Saudi Arabia, on duty in the waters of the Persian Gulf opened fire on Iranian fishing boat. One person was killed. According to Iranian authorities, the boat was blown off course and happened to be in Saudi territorial waters