Russia stopped cooperation with the U.S. on Syria

Russia from June 19 ceased cooperation with the United States on the Memorandum about the incidents in the skies over Syria. Reports Russia Today with reference to the statement of the Ministry of defense.

The defense Ministry noted that the actions of the American air force against the official Damascus are “flagrant violation of international law” and “military aggression”.

“Moreover, in the Syrian airspace in a given period of time performed the task of the Russian planes VC. However, the command of the coalition forces did not use the existing communication channel between the air commands air base al-Udeid air base (Qatar) and the air base Hamim to prevent incidents in airspace of Syria,” – said the defense Ministry.

The Russian military said that they consider the U.S. actions as a deliberate failure to comply with its obligations under the Memorandum. The defense Ministry stressed that the June 19 in the areas of flights of Russian military aircraft in Syria, any objects “will be accepted to support the air quality goals.”

This decision in the Ministry of defense adopted in response to the destruction of American fighter aircraft su-22, the Syrian air force on June 18.

Earlier Western coalition headed by USA has confirmed that it shot down a Syrian su-22 in raqqa province after he allegedly dropped bombs close to the positions of the opposition. While in Damascus said that the Syrian aircraft attacked positions of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia).

In early may, the defense Ministry reported that Russia and the United States will fully restore the action Memorandum for the prevention of air incident, which was suspended after the missile strike on the United States military base in HOMS.