ROCA urged to take out Lenin from the mausoleum and begin de-communization


RIA Novosti

The bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church abroad (ROCA) has called on the Russian authorities to remove the body of Vladimir Lenin from the mausoleum on red square. This is stated in a joint statement the Council of bishops, signed by Metropolitan of Eastern America and new York Hilarion, who is the first Hierarch of the Russian Church Abroad.

“That’s why we again and again with the hope appeal (…) to say goodbye to the characters of rebellion, to get rid of the old glorification of murderers by the names of towns and villages, streets and squares, stations and parks; encourage to remove from the Central area of the country the body of someone connected with the establishment of the godless power, sacrifice its ideology millions of lives,” reads their statement.

The Council noted that this year, “filled with joyful feelings” about the 100th anniversary of the restoration of the Patriarchate and the 10th anniversary of the restoration of unity within the Russian Church. But a century “of the terrible bloody events of 1917” ROCOR “noted with sorrow”.

Calls to remove the body of Lenin from the mausoleum on red square sound annually, usually in April, when the Communists celebrating the day of birth of the leader of the October revolution. This year April 20 the state Duma was introduced a bill about the legal mechanism of burial of the remains of Vladimir Lenin. It was prepared by deputies from the faction “United Russia” and LDPR. However, the United Russia party later withdrew their signatures under the document.

According to the “Levada-Center”, more than half of Russians believe that Lenin’s body should be buried. In particular, 32 percent of respondents believe that his grave should be located at the Kremlin wall, 26 percent in favor of the Volkov cemetery in St. Petersburg.