McCain accused North Korea of killing American student

John McCain

The North Korean government is to blame for the murder of an American student, Otto Frederick Wambier. Such statement was made by us Senator John McCain, his words on Tuesday, June 20, reports CNN.

“Let’s face it: Otto Wambier, a U.S. citizen, was killed by the regime of Kim Jong-UN,” he said.

A statement after the death of the young man was released and US President Donald trump. “The fate of Otto only increases the determination of my administration to make it so that innocent people no longer become victims of the regime does not respect the authority of law and simple human dignity. The United States once again condemned the brutality of the North Korean regime, lamenting his last victim,” — said the head of state.

About the death Wambier it became known earlier on Tuesday. The young man died at the American hospital. The doctors found that the brain of the student were badly damaged. According to his relatives, prison guards in North Korea was beaten by 22-year-old boy.

In March 2016 Wambier received 15 years in prison in North Korea. He was accused of trying to steal a political poster during the stay in Pyongyang. In June 2017 the North Korean authorities released Wambier. It is known that the young man about a year and was in a coma.