In the Faroe Islands began the mass slaughter of whales

Residents of the Faroe Islands began an annual summer mass slaughter of whales. About it reports The Independent.

During migration, animals coming close to shore. Local residents on the boats are driving the mammals into shallow water where they are killed and carcasses being brought ashore for scrapping.

As a result, in the summer months, killed about a thousand animals. The Faroese whale meat are eaten, however, it produced significantly more than necessary for food. The result is tons of meat just rotting in warehouses.

The slaughter of whales is a local tradition and not prohibited by law. However, against the cruel tradition are the defenders of animal rights. They argue that mammals are experiencing terrible suffering.

“Whales and dolphins are very intelligent creatures and feel pain and fear just as we do,” reads the statement of the activists. They tried several times to prevent the cruel slaughter of going to sea to prevent the enclosure of the whales in the Bay and in shallow water. However, their efforts are in vain last year for such actions, five activists were arrested and their boats confiscated.

1 April it was reported that the Japanese whalers have killed at least 333 of the small minke whales in the Antarctic under the program of environmental studies, which is supported by the government.

Whaling for profit is prohibited by the International Convention on the regulation of whaling. Along with this under an international agreement in 1987 allowed “to carry out research on whales with possible fatal outcome”. Official Tokyo insists that operates strictly within international law, but periodically becomes the object of attention of conservationists. They accuse Japan that it covers “research purposes”, but in fact whale meat is sold in supermarkets.