In Moscow called illegal buildup of U.S. forces in southern Syria

Mikhail Bogdanov

Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Mikhail Bogdanov has called illegal the buildup of American forces in southern Syria. About it reports “Interfax”.

“There is no decision of the Security Council [of the UN], no request of the legitimate authorities of the Syrian Arab Republic as a sovereign state,” said a senior diplomat.

On 20 June, the network appeared images of the new US military base in Syria, taken by satellite in June of this year. The facility is being built near the border with Jordan.

Five days before this, Reuters reported that the United States gradually have been expanding their presence in southern Syria. The new base being built in the area ez-SACF 60-70 kilometers from Al-TANF where is a stronghold of the us military.

Shortly before that, in Al-TANF were transferred long-range rocket systems of volley fire. In early June, coalition aircraft struck in the area blow to the forces allied with the Syrian government.