In Colombia rebels kidnapped two Dutch journalists

In Colombia rebels kidnapped two Dutch journalists

In Colombia, leftist rebels kidnapped two Dutch journalists. About it reports Reuters with a reference to the Colombian military.

According to the military, responsible for the kidnapping are militants marksistskoy group ELN (national liberation Army).

62-year-old Dirk Johann Bolt and 58-year-old Eusebio Ernest Marie went missing in the Department of North Santander, near the border with Venezuela.

Currently, ELN is the largest insurgent grouping of the country’s leading armed struggle against the government. According to Reuters, the militants of this group often carried out the abduction of foreigners for ransom. More famous rebel group FARC in 2016, signed a peace agreement with the authorities of the country.

In the capital, Bogota Colombia, June 18, there was a terrorist attack at the Mall. His victims were three people, including a French citizen, another eight people were injured. The rebels of the ELN denied any involvement in the explosion.