In Argentina, found a cache with a collection of Nazi artifacts

In Argentina, found a cache with a collection of Nazi artifacts

Police in Argentina discovered in a house in the suburbs of Buenos Aires cache with a large collection of Nazi artifacts.

According to the authorities of Argentina, found artifacts once belonged to high-ranking officials in Nazi Germany. Allegedly found a collection of 75 items — the largest collection of Nazi artifacts in the country.

Nazi World War II Artifacts Found in Argentina Includes Hitler Busts and Medical Tools – Newsweek

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The Minister of security of Argentina Patricia Bullrich in an interview with the associated press news Agency noted that many artifacts in the collection include photographs in which high-ranking German Nazis pose with these items.

Encuentran un tesoro nazi en una habitación secreta en Argentina

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Among the found artifacts, the bust of Adolf Hitler, the statue of an eagle with an oak wreath and swastika (the emblem of the Third Reich), a medical device used to measure the size of the head, a knife with a swastika.

Hidden trove of suspected Nazi artifacts found in Argentina

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Police are trying to determine how the collections of artifacts came to Argentina. One of the basic versions is that they brought with them high-ranking officials of Nazi Germany who fled to South America.

Hidden Trove of Suspected Nazi Artifacts Found in Argentina – NBC News

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While authorities do not call people names that could belong to the artifacts found. After establishing the origin and ownership of artifacts, they will be exhibited at the Holocaust Museum in Buenos Aires.

Large collection of Nazi artifacts discovered in Argentina

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