Faced with the poverty of their debtors Chelyabinsk lender cried

The head of the microfinance organizations of the city Korkino Chelyabinsk region wept during the RAID on the homes of debtors. Entrepreneur in tears because of the level of life of its consumers and promised to recall the writ of execution in respect of some of them, according to the website of the regional Department of the Federal bailiff service.

So, bailiffs, together with the plaintiff visited the home of 26-year-old man who owed 67 thousand rubles. Enforcement proceedings against him conducted in November 2016, when this young man officially employed and has no assets. It is noted that in his house there was nothing that could be confiscated: only whitewashed walls, the furniture, the mid-80s and an old tube TV, said kp.ru. “Making the act about the absence of property subject to distraint and arrest, the bailiff noticed in the eyes of the collector of tears”, — stated in the message.

Also the head of the microfinance institutions visited the house 30-year-old woman who owed 37 thousand rubles.

The results of these meetings, the representatives of the FSSP were acts about the absence of property subject to arrest. The lender admitted to police officers that the tears in his eyes arose “from compassion to their customers.”

During the April state Council meeting President of Russia Vladimir Putin compared the microfinance organization with the old pawnbroker from the novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky’s “Crime and punishment”. The deputies instructed to prepare amendments to the laws “On consumer credits” and “On microfinance”, which will limit the percentage limits interest rates on microloans 150 percent.