Diplomats of Russia and the USA will discuss the question of the return of Russian departmenti


RIA Novosti

Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Sergei Ryabkov said that during scheduled for this week talks with the Deputy us Secretary of state Thomas Shannon intends to discuss the question of the return of Russian departmenet in the United States.

“The issue will be discussed, no doubt, in great detail, in detail, with insights into what happened and continues to happen” — quoted Ryabkov to Interfax.

He noted the strangeness of a situation in which the Russian side has to explain to the representatives of the United States, “who, if he or she owns the property, may or may not dispose of it”.

“I think this is something new in diplomatic practice and in the practice of social life. But, unfortunately, we have to explain it — to no avail,” — said the Deputy head of the Russian foreign Ministry.

Earlier, Secretary of state of the United States Rex Tillerson said that Washington and Moscow to discuss the conditions of return of the Russian departmenti.