Died released from North Korean prison, American student

Otto Wambier

American student of Otto Frederick Wambier, sentenced in the DPRK to 15 years in prison for attempting to steal a propaganda poster and was allowed to go home in June 2017, has died in the United States. About it reports Reuters.

As reported by the family of the deceased, Wambier died in a hospital in Cincinnati. “Unfortunately, due to the fact, how badly, causing suffering, treated our son the North Koreans, a different outcome could not be”, — stated in the message.

Relatives claim that Wambier was subjected to physical abuse by his jailers. The doctors found that the brain of the student is severely damaged, he didn’t understand of speech addressed to him and could not make meaningful movements.

22-year-old young man was more than a year in a coma. While it remains unclear what treatment he provided in prison. Pyongyang said that the condition of the convict worsened after he took a sleeping pill on the background of the discovery he had signs of botulism. The family refuses to believe.

March 16 last year, Wambier was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment. He arrived in North Korea on 25 December 2015 from Beijing as part of a tour group. As it was established, January 1 night, he snuck into the office of the Pyongyang hotel “Engacho” intended for foreign tourists, and tore from the wall posted there is the political poster.

The American admitted his guilt and stated that he became “a victim of the hostile policy of the U.S. administration towards the DPRK”.

In mid-June, Wambier was released “on humanitarian grounds”.