Adolescents reported the death of the Poconos who was in the boat with them girls

Continued: MOE sent divers to search for the missing teen on lake Ladoga

The girl who was in the overturned boat with four teenagers on lake Ladoga in Karelia, has died. About this TASS said the head of administration of rural settlement Impractical Jeanne Shares.

On the death of the girl reported the escaped teenagers. “There were children aged 15-16 years, four boys and a girl, the girl died in front of them,” said SAREC. According to available information, one of the boys who were in the boat came to grandma’s cottage in the village. Teenagers went fishing, and during a heavy storm the boat capsized. Saved two of the five children, they were taken to the hospital.

The MOE until the death of one of the Teens is not confirmed. “A search operation is underway, the bodies of children are discovered, there is hope that they are alive,” — told in the regional Department of EMERCOM of Russia.

During the search found the overturned boat brought her to shore. According to authorities, in search and rescue operations involved 123 people, including from EMERCOM 42 people and eight boats. The search also involved six local residents as volunteers in two boats. In addition, in place of preparing to fly the Mi-8 helicopter Aviation-rescue center of the szrc of EMERCOM of Russia.

All children from the town of Sortavala, their names are known. Parents of teenagers were interviewed and followed to the place of state of emergency, said the head of Sortavala region Leonid Gulevich. He added that the search for victims will continue tonight.

In the pitkäranta district left the acting head of Karelia Arthur Parfenchikov to personally direct the rescue operation, told RIA Novosti press-Secretary Marina Kabatak.

Now in Karelia white nights, the visibility allows you to continue the rescue operation. The wind calmed, lake of excitement there.

About the incident on lake Ladoga became known on Monday evening, June 19. On a scene investigators of the regional investigation Department, investigated all the circumstances of the incident. Solves a question on excitation of criminal case.