“What else do we need immigrants?”: The state Duma became interested in the history of the “eternal Uzbek”



In the state Duma became interested in the history of the “eternal Uzbek” — so journalists called the farmer from the Pskov region. He has many years cannot obtain the Russian citizenship. Before “the direct line” with President Anvar Zufarov asked friends to write about his history to get into the program, but did not get, and now intends to sell the land and to leave Russia. Why Anwar has become known throughout the country? And how many more of our compatriots can’t go through all circles of bureaucratic hell?

In the village Babushkino Anwar Safarova name is Andrew. He was baptized Uzbek, farmer, father of four children. And corn in the eyes of local officials of the Federal migration service. Anwar fourth year, is seeking Russian citizenship. In 2013 he received the status of a compatriot, but it took over two administrative cases.

They. The immigration police twice found Anwar in housing, where he was not registered. And the last time a man sat in the house of his wife, looked after their children. Court of the Federal migration service Anwar lost, he lost the status of a compatriot and began to collect the papers for citizenship in the General order. At this time, there was one more trouble: his Uzbek passport after the reform in Uzbekistan has become invalid. Return to Tashkent Anwar cannot, from the citizenship of this country, he refused, and on the border with the old passport, you can get arrested. To complete the formation of the documents in Russia, too, can not, because his Uzbek passport is no longer recognized here. A year later, the farmer ends the residence permit. Anwar awaits deportation to Uzbekistan… Anwar has exposed on sale of the farm. Collects things.

Anvar Zufarov, the farmer, the cheese maker:

“Russia does not want to see me without a new document. I hang in the air, without documents, without possibility to legalize in Russia. Officials do not want to resolve this issue. Actually the question is very heavy. It is not only my problem but a problem for the millions of people who subscribe to my page. They say that they have similar situations. They are Russian, who are facing the same issues. They are very interested, solved my question”.

Another hero — Denis. He was Russian, a citizen of Uzbekistan. Two years collecting the paperwork for the residence permit. At the end of the officials even praised, so it was spotless, but was not accepted. Had the same problem with the passport. Denis is going to Uzbekistan to change the document, and then again two years on paper collection. And a few days in the queue to give them to the officials.

Denis is a citizen of Uzbekistan:

“We have to take all night. To come at 12 at night and all night to sit, to watch, to make lists, to 10 o’clock in the morning to get to the office. Sometimes a case that comes to some uncle with ten passports, enters the room, and spat on the turn. You don’t have to get up to 14 hours in the office, while you stand with midnight.”

And Anwar and Denis could get Russian citizenship much faster if I found the right people and gave a bribe. Business FM has learned that in an average passport require 100 thousand rubles. And, according to statistics, the majority of our compatriots pay, says the President of Fund “Migration XXI century”, ex-Deputy Director FMS Vyacheslav Postavnin.

Vyacheslav Postavnin the President of Fund “Migration XXI century”, the former Deputy Director of the Federal migration service of the Russian Federation “All is determined by the amount of available money you have. Paid the right amount of money would have long ago. If you look at the statistics, you will see that almost 99% of citizens have obtained citizenship under the simplified procedure. That is fast enough. 1-2% receives routine is 7-8 years. This suggests that, most likely, it is the many criminal cases”.

Anwar from the village Babushkino brews and sells cheese, though by education and a librarian. The money the family has, but to pay officials to “eternal Uzbek” as the villagers called him, doesn’t want to. Says Patriotic reasons. Anwar is looking for a country where he will be given the refugee status. The farm will be closed, and the Governor will no longer be able to tell Anwar and his wife: “You rock” for its tasty cheese and diligence. Now the story is “eternal Uzbek” became interested in the MP Yevgeny Revenko.

Eugene Revenco, Deputy of the state Duma:

“Converted to Orthodoxy and married a Russian girl — Russian citizen. A fairly educated person. As I understand it, on the spot, his positive message. And what we still need migrants? Who do we wanna see in our country? If you want to see some people who come to us. We are talking about the fact that we need a sensible migration policy. We are what people here call, who are we waiting for? If these people here we don’t allow”.

Business FM appealed to the migration service with a request for comments. To date officials on the request is not answered.