There is evidence for the victims of the incident in London

As a result of the collision of a car into people in London could have been killed two people. On Monday, June 19, the newspaper the Sun.

The newspaper points out that the car went off the road and crashed into people coming out from the mosque Finsbury Park. The same information was disseminated, and the Muslim Council of Britain.

MCB (@MuslimCouncil)
19 Jun 2017, 00:18

Newspaper the Evening Standard, citing eyewitnesses reported that after the car crashed into people, jumped out armed with a knife the young man who dealt them several blows to passers-by. Also the newspaper pointed out that police had detained “a white male with dark hair.” The newspaper did not specify whether this person is carrying bladed weapons.

“I saw four or five people lying on the ground. At least one of them was stabbed. The crowd caught the guy. He tried to do the same thing that happened on London bridge”, — told the witness the incident.

Sky News reports that two people were in the van that crashed into a crowd near the mosque, managed to escape from the scene. “The truck had three people. One was detained by the police, the other two fled,” said a witness.

Earlier, the Daily Mail reported that the incident injured at least 10 people. Also, the publication indicates that people themselves pushed the driver of the van to the ground, and then handed over to the police.