The train collided with the “Swift” at the Kursk station

The train collided with the “Swift” at the Kursk station

High-speed train “Strizh” on the route Nizhny Novgorod—Moscow, collided with the train Nahabino—chip, reports “Kommersant”.

The incident occurred near Kursk station. “The collision occurred at about 14:20 already at the entrance to the station, a hundred meters away. The collision we do not feel, stopped almost seamlessly. It was just like an emergency stop of the train. Everything was absolutely calm,” he said. According to the correspondent, the composition was filled almost completely.

After the collision, the “swift” banked, drove the train on the siding. “We were asked to leave the carriage. To platforms just in a few meters. Conductors helped to climb out of the way on the platform, gave the Luggage,” said the correspondent of “Kommersant”.

Emergency services reported that the incident occurred at the time when the “train “swift” went to Kursk station, and the train Nahabino—chip came out from the station.” “At low speed they collided,” said the interior Ministry in the Central Federal district.

In a press-service of the Moscow railway (MZHD) reported two victims. “To eliminate the consequences of a descent of the place went to the two recovery trains”, — stated in the message of the Moscow railway.

the train derailed and hurt swift 200 meters from the platform of the Kursk

— Anton Vorobiev (@worobiew) 19 Jun 2017