The state Duma spoke with the bloggers

The state Duma spoke with the bloggers

Deputies were called Alisher Usmanov and Alexey Navalny, but they didn’t.

On Monday, the state Duma passed open Council meeting of bloggers organized by Vasily Vlasov (LDPR). The meeting was attended by the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the representative of the public “Selfie” Yegor Yakovlev, the Vice-speaker of the Duma Pyotr Tolstoy, the new channel “Fox rules” Elena Kovalchuk, chief editor of “Lantaca” Daniel Fomin, instagram-blogger and daughter of press Secretary, Dmitry Peskov Peskov Elizabeth and others.

The deputies decided that communication with the “opinion leaders” to be constant on the basis of the Committee for youth Affairs. Tolstoy promised that bloggers will write you a pass, and Zhirinovsky expressed the hope that bloggers will be able to engage in dialogue with society as “opinion leaders” in contrast to the traditional press:

The press is censored, they should expect that say on top, do you, so you may reach out to society.

“The new state Duma is now working under the hashtag 7.0, we create a new effective mechanism. I read the comments about zabroshenyj bugs who want to crush freedom of speech on the Internet. No one is going to do, we need direct communication. We want to understand what issues concern leaders,” said bloggers Fat.

Bloggers vs watermelons

Zhirinovsky called on bloggers to rebel against contaminated with nitrates Arbuzov: “your melons are sold throughout the country. You can help if all social networks will rise and say — I want to eat them!”. The representative of the Comedy show Big Russian Boss, took the opportunity to invite politicians on the show. The author of “Lantaca” Daniil Filin also invited sand and Zhirinovsky and said that “long thought to go or not, because the audience (the public “Lentic” — “Vedomosti”) specifically refers to the state Duma deputies” and added that he is meeting soon with the position of the journalist.

Founder of news portal Kremlin Russian Konstantin Tkachenko said that many of the popular bloggers did not come to the meeting because they would not understand the audience:

On YouTube most of the audience — the opposition, if they come, most of the comments will be about what they sell.

Tkachenko has recommended to deputies to collect the bloggers at Pro-government events — for example, “the Territory of Meanings”. A journalist of radio “Liberty” asked bloggers how they relate to what came to the building where “naprinimali a bunch of restrictive laws and not be afraid that YouTube will ban”. Blogger Elena Kovalchuk replied that “there are a number of bloggers who burp at the screen, and I would do it myself they gladly would ban”.

Who is not made

Elizabeth Peskov, the meeting did not speak, but after he answered the questions of journalists explained that not advised with the father about which events to attend, not watching the blogs and reading the news and knew almost no one in attendance. Peskov thanked the Duma for the possibility of dialogue: “the Council of the bloggers need for communication and dialogue. In his Instagram, I touch upon the problems of education and of course to communicate with students, studying for a year at MSU. People send me questions.”

The organizers said that they invited everyone: and Alisher Usmanov, Alexey Navalny, and the author of the video blogs about the movie Bad Comedian Eugene Bazhenov, journalist Eugene Duda (the latter has publicly stated that he does not want to participate in “Komsomol meetings”).

No invitations Bulk has not received, and “even if I did, you naturally wouldn’t, because that’s nonsense,” says the head of a staff of Navalny Leonid Volkov. “Besides, Navalny is not a blogger, and presidential candidate”, — the oppositionist added. “We sent an invitation Usmanov and Navalny in “Vkontakte”, we can’t get power,” explained Vlasov “Vedomosti”.